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Image by Marek Szturc

Huda Giddens


A Bit About Me

Huda Giddens is a Palestinian American, an educator of long standing, with an MSc in Early Education, and the founder of the Giddens School, a preschool through primary levels.  It has a strong ethic in social justice, that is woven deftly into  the academic curriculum.  Children emerge with a good, strong sense of themselves.  Huda has recently visited Sukarya, and its project in Manger Village, close to Delhi, India.  She was much impressed with what the founder of Sukarya, Ms. Meera Satpathy, had established for women's empowerment.  As an educator, Huda is very supportive of the current Sukarya educational effort.   It makes a very strong statement to parents and children that the school comes to them.

Huda Giddens, a young mother and educator, founded the school in 1972 as a half-day preschool. She named it The Happy Medium School in an effort to capture the spirit of the unique combination of educational philosophies and environment dedicated to educating the whole child. The original site for the school was in Seattle’s University District neighborhood.

An inclusive community is integral to our school and we welcome families who embrace our mission. For over 40 years, Giddens School has been dedicated to teaching an academically excellent, developmentally appropriate curriculum that stretches critical thinking, and encourages social responsibility.

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