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Image by Marek Szturc

Meera Satpathy

Chair of the Advisory Board

A Bit About Me

As founder and Managing Director of Pearl Advertising Agency, Meera spent many years in Delhi witnessing that people in slums struggled accessing basic health care services. They were denied their basic right to good health because they did not have the means to access it. With the support of a few friends, she set up Sukarya in 1998 to empower the underprivileged people in the slums and villages of Delhi and Haryana so that they could access to health services.

In all her work, she has tried to give the power back to women and children in the reforming society by improving the attitude to healthcare. This vision has been the driving force of all our projects. Due to this unique approach, Sukarya today is not merely a developmental organization focusing on health, but an empowerment organization that raises awareness and gives people the tools to enable them to demand better services and be able to undertake simple methods to improve their well being, thereby building a better society.


Meera has been instrumental in transforming Sukarya as an organisation that started out by conducting health camps for the underprivileged to a professionally run and managed organisation undertaking multiple interventions in the areas of maternal and child health, basic health care and economic empowerment of women. Her dedication and commitment to the cause has inspired the team of volunteers and professionals in Sukarya to work tirelessly for realizing its vision by reaching out to about 750,000 mothers, and their children, in more than 504 villages and 34 slums. As Chairperson, Meera provides strategic guidance to the organisation and also continues to remain actively involved at the grassroots level. She also chairs the Advisory Committee for Sukarya USA.

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