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​Sukarya USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Sukarya India's mission to improve maternal and child health, nutrition, gender equality, and education for slum children. By fostering strategic partnerships and raising funds in the USA, we ensure the sustainability and impact of Sukarya's grassroots programs. Our goal is to empower underprivileged communities, with a strong emphasis on gender equality and training adolescents. We mobilize resources, raise awareness, and cultivate support through partnerships, donations, and volunteer efforts. Together, we can build a brighter, healthier future for India's most vulnerable populations.

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Helping Hands


To make all interventions sustainable, Sukarya works in close co-ordination with the community members. Village Health Committees, panchayats, women and men at the grassroots are an integral part of all interventions – from planning to implementation. Community health workers work in tandem with our professional and medical team to build awareness and ensure that timely interventions are provided to people who need them the most. Currently Sukarya is focused in four major areas of work which is as follows:

  • Maternal Child Health Care and Nutrition

  • Women Empowerment and Livelihood

  • Education for Peri-urban Slum/Street Children

  • Integrated Rural Development

We are committed to high standards of accountability and transparency. We regularly exchange information and encourage stakeholders to visit us to witness the change that is slowly taking place at the grassroots. Our team comprises of development professionals, doctors, media persons, civil servants, social activists who all work together to realize the common dream of “Better Health, Better Society”.


In 1998, we took our first steps with passion, enthusiasm and determination to help and heal the health of women and children who were neglected and unattended in the rural areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and in the peri-urban areas of Delhi and Gurgaon (currently Guru Gram). The tasks were challenging, the obstacles were many but we stayed undaunted.


Over the years we have been successful in not only setting up strong healthcare services for women, children and adolescents but also influence factors that affect their health seeking behavior - such as economic empowerment, education, environment and nutrition. In all our interventions, the spotlight has always been on empowering people by building their awareness and equipping them with right information. Through this, we have been able to make a change that is permanent, and we have gone further by forming self-help groups that trained and taught those who we serve to earn, become independent and thus take control of their lives.

All Hands In



Access to quality health is a fundamental human right


Economic self-reliance is essential for women empowerment


Access to basic education is a fundamental right of every child


Socio-economic growth can't be achieved without rural development

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